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Welcome to our new website, a direct line of communication designed to enhance business relationships by providing a clear and transparent overview of our work.

Our entire company staff are excited about taking up this new challenge, aware that new technologies are the key to continuing to offer the very highest quality and effectiveness in our services.


We are closing the year with hundreds of maritime operations

Our bunkering and general provisioning agency in the port of Ceuta is closing a successful 2018 with hundreds of maritime operations, making it, once more, a model company for the sector in the Strait of Gibraltar.

The various services offered without any setbacks and with maximum guarantee have renewed our clients’ confidence in us, as well as successfully creating new ties with interested parties, both in Ceuta and in the other Spanish ports where we work through subagents. Our goal for 2019 is to continue to guarantee customized solutions for our clients, using the latest technologies and know-how in our daily routine. Thereby, we ensure that our professionals offer immediate response to the services required at every moment, backed by more than 160 years of experience.

Our expertise is complemented by the close relationship we have with the main institutions of the maritime sector (port authorities, customs, maritime captaincies, suppliers...), allowing us to immediately respond and meet the highest demands of our users. Among the different services that make us a leading company in the Strait of Gibraltar, we would like to highlight the following

Fuel stopover

Our company is characterized by offering a bunkeringservice for ships without delays, efficient attention to the Captain and the Chief Engineer, providing detailed and updated information at all times, and guaranteeing the collection and delivery of fuel samples to the labs. This feature is especially important in an area characterized by significant volume in tons and stopovers.

Provisions for ships and other essential supplies

Among the supplies that Salama is committed to providing promptly, we can include the primary (tools, materials, spare parts...), quality provisions (fruit, vegetables, fish, meat, dairy...), and publications (navigation charts, technical material...).

Crew change

Our team works to make sure that the crew and technicians arrive smoothly and with all needs covered. In this sense, we offer a wide variety of services including accommodation, drivers and assistance, embarking and disembarking during docking and anchoring, visa management for crews in less than 48 hours, and transfers to airports and nearby ports, among others.

Spare parts and documentation

This service is carried out very meticulously, due to its delicate ad crucial nature, and backed by the confidence given by working with the best transporters, freight forwarders... It includes the daily monitoring of each shipment and its safe-keeping, transport and crane services in Ceuta at competitive prices, and the air shipment of spare parts, among many others.

Medical assistance

This service is designed to offer the medical assistance needed by ship crews, always provided by the best specialists in Ceuta. To this effect, it covers picking up the crew on the boat and returning them after the consult, personal assistance, delivering the corresponding medication indicated by the health professional, and processing their return home, when necessary.

Other quality services offered by Salama are those related to radio and radar repairs, cash deliveries, off port limit stopovers and underwater inspections to locate faults in the hull.

José Salama y CIA S.L CIF: B29901303 Avd. Juan Carlos I Rey 12, 1ºD Melilla, España. Inscrita en el Registro Mercantil de Melilla. Tomo 19, sección 2,ª Folio 95, Hoja 348