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Salama once again makes its mark on the national and international scene as  a bunkering agency in Ceuta. Our company recently became the first Spanish consignee to obtain a Quality Certificate from the Federation of National Associations of Ship Brokers and Agents (known as FONASBA).

Tides, these irregular movements of water that we know so well, are a natural phenomenon that has key impact on navigation. Behind them are a whole series of forces, among which those of the sun and – above all – the moon stand out. Its position with respect to Earth (the moon is closer than the sun) has an impact on things like at what time high time and low tide occur, as well as their strength.

The mega-cruiser Sapphire Princess that belongs to the prestigious cruise line Princess Cruises has again entrusted us as their agent in Ceuta as they make a stop before continuing on towards Lisbon. The ship entrusted Salama with all the services they needed and also expressed their interest in making the port of Ceuta a stop on their cruise itineraries.

Off-port-limits operationsor Off Port Limits refers to services that Salama carries out outside the limits of the port of Ceuta to see to the needs of ships passing through the Strait of Gibraltar.

The history of Ceuta is inevitably linked to its strategic location and a multiculturalism that contains traces of almost all civilisations ever present in the Mediterranean region. These lands have been inhabited by Phoenicians, Romans, Vandals, Visigoths, Byzantines, Arabs, Portuguese, Spaniards... who, after overcoming various conflicts, have given way to a tolerant community characterised by its exceptional heritage and a mix of origins and accents.

Like any other field, sailing has its own vocabulary. It includes a long list of technical terms that not only enables manoeuvres at sea, but also facilitates communication between enthusiasts of this ancient endeavour.

The port of Ceuta was one of the key participants in the renowned Seatrade Cruise Global 2019, the world's largest cruise fair, held in Miami in early April. Together with the country’s main areas and under the Ports of Spain umbrella, Spanish representation demonstrated the sector’s joint strength, as proven by the latest balance sheets.

Maintaining a boat is key to prolonging its life and sailing safely and securely. It’s a constant process that requires time to check everything involved in sailing and possible damages caused both at sea and in port. In this context, checking the hull or frame of the boat is essential to ensure aspects such as waterproofing. Whether it’s made of wood, iron, concrete or fibreglass, its maintenance is vital to sail properly and avoid breakdowns or spills, among other problems.

This year, our bunkering agency in Ceuta has again attended the most important ship fuel supply meeting, held in London. During the event, Salama participated in several work gatherings on behalf of Ceuta's shipping agents, addressing key issues for the sector like the new scenarios faced by the industry.

The recent addition of a second barge to supply fuel for ships anchored in Ceuta will double the capacity regarding these services in the bay. The arrival of the Petrobay ship, belonging to the shipping company Boluda, will complement the work of the Spabunker40 barge, which will allow approximately 50 additional monthly supply operations, according to Ceuta’s Port Authorities. This smaller and more manageable reinforcement will also improve the current bunkering operation for certain types of ships.

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