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The recent addition of a second barge to supply fuel for ships anchored in Ceuta will double the capacity regarding these services in the bay. The arrival of the Petrobay ship, belonging to the shipping company Boluda, will complement the work of the Spabunker40 barge, which will allow approximately 50 additional monthly supply operations, according to Ceuta’s Port Authorities. This smaller and more manageable reinforcement will also improve the current bunkering operation for certain types of ships.

The seventh edition of the Mediterranean Bunker Fuel Conference brought a large group of professionals from the sector to the Greek capital at the end of November, where they analysed the new situations faced by the industry.

Our bunkering and general provisioning agency in the port of Ceuta is closing a successful 2018 with hundreds of maritime operations, making it, once more, a model company for the sector in the Strait of Gibraltar.

The mega cruise ships Sapphire Princess and Koningsdam, from the renowned Princess Cruises and Holland America Line, chose our consignee company in Ceuta last October for a seven and ten-hour stopover, respectively, at the España dock (Eastern side). These impressive ships, 290 and 299 metres in length, docked with approx. 7,000 people, including crew and passengers, most of them British and North American citizens

The hierarchy on the merchant ship not only has a clear disciplinary and work organization function, but also one of social order during the voyage at sea.

One of the Strait of Gibraltar’s main characteristics is being a strategic point for maritime transportation, andfull of contrasts, for that matter. Located in an area with high density of this type of traffic, it stands as a natural barrier between the European and Asian continents, the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, and Western and Eastern culture

What we really like in Ceuta is looking far out into the sea and feel proud of our long seafaring tradition. This is the reason why this month acquires a special meaning, when we wait for the Our Lady of Carmen festivities with open arms. It is the moment when the Queen of the Seas displays her protection of our waters and sailors. The neighbourhood of Almadraba, with purely seafaring roots, is adorned with great enthusiasm to thank the Virgin for her vigilance over its fishermen, and all the families who owe so much to the sea.

The two most characteristic winds in Ceuta and the Strait of Gibraltarare the Poniente and Levante, Westand East winds. The geographical particularities of the area mean that its residents, visitors, and the millions of sailors crossing the Strait are often at the mercy of one or the other. East winds can be a great obstacle for navigation or for spending a nice day at the beach. Both winds alternate their presence during all seasons of the year, although they are felt with greater intensity in autumn and winter.

The renowned shipping company Holland America Line will entrust our shipping agency in Ceuta once more, to dock two of its most representative cruise ships. The Shappire Princess and the Koningsdam will layover at the port of Ceuta on the 2nd and 11th of October, respectively, with more than 2,500 passengers each. Thus, this particular company once again shows its preference for both our North African port and the assistance and advice offered by Salama regarding shipping consignment issues.

Nautical charts or navigational charts are official documents published by the Instituto Hidrográfico de la Marina (IHM) to guarantee a safe navigation. They show the depths of water and the features of the sea, including locations of natural and human made aids to navigation that sailors use to reach their destination.

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