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The Port of Ceuta continues to introduce actions to try to keep Covid-19 at bay. The latest measure has been to incorporate a new thermal camera to check the temperature of passengers arriving at the port. 

Ship crew changes are one of the many specialised services that Salama offers as aconsignee agency in Ceuta. It takes detailed supervision to guarantee that a crew change is carried out quickly and efficiently, without the operation interfering with the ship's itinerary.

The maritime industry has had to adapt to new advances and the new rules in our rapidly changing world. Sustainability and technology are advancing without haste, but without rest to exert their influence on larger ships that transport tons of merchandise across the waters. Even if the idiosyncrasy of the sea itself means that the effects of this evolution are not as immediate as in other sectors, progress has arrived and is here to stay, or to lay foundations for the future.

The conglomerate of attractions in Ceuta, attracts numerous vessels to the Port of Ceuta, using it as a transit point or destination to experience the wonders of this Mediterranean gem.

Port of Ceuta enjoys a strategic position, the reason why it has been a fundamental enclave for many centuries. Merchant nations like the Phoenicians, the Greeks and the Carthaginians realised this straight away, using is as a base and stopover on their routes and as a starting point to discover new territories.

The various services provided by a port agency in the Strait of Gibraltar are crucial to facilitate vessel stopovers. These companies are in charge of looking after the interests of operators, charterers, brokers and ship owners during their port calls.

The Strait of Gibraltar between Europe and Africa is an area with some of the densest maritime traffic in the world. Each year 100,000 vessels transit these waters, which amounts to more than 10% of the international traffic.

Ourbunkering agency in Ceuta visited London once again to attend the largest international meeting for the fuel supply sector. On February 24 and 25, Salama's representatives shared the stage with more than a thousand renowned maritime professionals, establishing new contacts and analysing the market situation.

Salama specialises in supplying ships in the Strait of Gibraltar, regardless of how long the stop is. Apart from loading and unloading operations, one of the most sought-after services we offer is refuelling of ships in Ceuta. Our team of professionals will ensure that all necessary supplies reach the ship, whether they are general supplies, provisions, or of a technical character.

The Port of Ceuta is one of the great maritime gems of the Mediterranean. Located on the African mainland it stands out in terms of passenger and vehicle traffic, liquid bulk, merchandise and fuel supply for vessels.

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