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Latest measures in the Port of Ceuta to enhance protection against Covid-19

The Port of Ceuta continues to introduce actions to try to keep Covid-19 at bay. The latest measure has been to incorporate a new thermal camera to check the temperature of passengers arriving at the port. 

The device was taken into use several weeks ago and is a useful tool when preventing travellers who may be carrying the coronavirus from entering the city. The initiative complements the performance of the other camera that was taken into use some months ago and placed at the entrance of the maritime station to control the spread of infections.

We at Salama, the shipping agent in Ceuta, applaud the various measures taken by the port authority to ensure the safety of travellers and, ultimately, to protect the population of Ceuta in general.

Temperature detection and the use of masks

The new thermal device is operated by Red Cross staff and located at the exit door on the upper passenger floor for those who disembark at the port of Ceuta. Apart from checking the temperature in real time – without interrupting the flow of visitors – it is also programmed to detect the use of masks. This means that the new camera can easily identify people who do not comply with established measures as well as possible positive cases without having to interrupt traffic.

For the same reason a new route has been designed for exiting travellers arriving at the port. The new route allows visitors to use both the main staircase and the escalator when exiting, paying attention to the clearly differentiated directions for each option. The routes are delimited using new signage, a new router and stickers on the ground creating separated zones for passengers who embark and passengers who disembark.

Both these measures reinforce other actions taken during recent months in the fight against the coronavirus, such as the obligation to wear a mask throughout the port building, supplying sanitising gel stations and setting routes that guarantee social distancing.

The Port Authority for the Bay of Algeciras has installed similar cameras around the busiest areas of its facilities, located on the other side of the Strait of Gibraltar.

Suspension of maritime connections between Ceuta and the mainland

Even if the coronavirus situation changes very rapidly, almost in real time, the Government delegation has stated that they do not foresee a closure of the Port of Ceuta, as opposed to the widespread belief in recent weeks that the maritime connections between the city and the mainland would be suspended.

The authorities have reminded the public that the Port of Ceuta has not been closed at any point for reasons related to Covid-19, specifying that those citizens with just cause have been able to enter and leave without problem. Restrictions and control measures at the port were limited to the movement of people during the state of alarm.

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