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The two most characteristic winds in Ceuta and the Strait of Gibraltarare the Poniente and Levante, Westand East winds. The geographical particularities of the area mean that its residents, visitors, and the millions of sailors crossing the Strait are often at the mercy of one or the other. East winds can be a great obstacle for navigation or for spending a nice day at the beach. Both winds alternate their presence during all seasons of the year, although they are felt with greater intensity in autumn and winter.

The renowned shipping company Holland America Line will entrust our shipping agency in Ceuta once more, to dock two of its most representative cruise ships. The Shappire Princess and the Koningsdam will layover at the port of Ceuta on the 2nd and 11th of October, respectively, with more than 2,500 passengers each. Thus, this particular company once again shows its preference for both our North African port and the assistance and advice offered by Salama regarding shipping consignment issues.

Nautical charts or navigational charts are official documents published by the Instituto Hidrográfico de la Marina (IHM) to guarantee a safe navigation. They show the depths of water and the features of the sea, including locations of natural and human made aids to navigation that sailors use to reach their destination.

Salama, ourbunkering agency in Ceuta, has been a reference fuel supply company from ship to ship in the Strait of Gibraltar for years. This supply requires certain protocols and precautions that guarantee a seamless and top-quality service. Therefore, at our company we work to add to our expertise backed up by thousands of operations— both the advances of the sector and the latest technological novelties.

Our bunkering agency in Ceuta could not miss the most important bunkering convention of the sector. As a leading bunkering company in Strait of Gibraltar, Salama is getting ready to attend the event that the International Bunker Industry Association (IBIA) will hold the next Monday 19th of February in London. The meeting will be based on the concerns of the fuel supply industry and will bring together the different agents that participate in each operation.

Instead of talking about the number of inhabitants of Ceuta, the main geopolitical peculiarities of the city or its well-known proximity to the reign of Morocco, in this sequel about the oddities of Ceuta we want to go into detail about the remotest past of the city and about those details that make it a unique destination in the world. Ceuta is a place where to let oneself be embraced by the breeze of Gibraltar Strait and where to enjoy unique views.

The sea, with its currents, its waves and low temperature –especially in the waters of Strait of Gibraltar, where port agencies in Ceuta like Salama operate-, is not precisely one of the best friends of the electronic elements of a vessel.  Do you remember that some months ago we talked about the underwater inspections for ships in Ceuta? This month we are back to our old ways to focus on the soul and heart of the vessel: the motor.

The Cruise Forum 2017 in Ceuta, apart from helping us update our knowledge of the sector, was a especially relevant date due to its target and aim: to make our destination a strategic cruise port of call in the world.

The 25th of October will go down in the history of Ceuta as one of the most relevant dates for those involved in the nautical and cruise industry. The simple reason being that our city will be hosting this year’s Cruise Forum. And if this was not enough, we also have the great satisfaction of being one of the port agencies in Ceuta taking direct part in this event.

Beyond all the data that can be read in a small introductory guide of the city, Ceuta is a place that has witnessed extraordinary things, being the location for unique stories that not everyone is aware of. An endless number of peculiar facts turn our city into a tourist attraction.

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