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The great Sapphire Princess once again entrusts Salama as it visits Ceuta

The mega-cruiser Sapphire Princess that belongs to the prestigious cruise line Princess Cruises has again entrusted us as their agent in Ceuta as they make a stop before continuing on towards Lisbon. The ship entrusted Salama with all the services they needed and also expressed their interest in making the port of Ceuta a stop on their cruise itineraries.

More specifically, the ship was docked on the 6th of August between 7 am and 4 pm at the Muelle España (east side), arriving from the port of Sete (France) and bound for the Portuguese capital. The cruise ship arrived with some 2,800 passengers (mainly British and American) and about 1,100 crew members of varying nationalities. During their stay the visitors took the opportunity to get to know the streets and secrets of Ceuta, as well as meeting with the inhabitants and local businesses.

Ceuta was the sixth stop Sapphire Princess made on this 14-day cruise, after stops in Portimão, Cadiz, Malaga, Ajaccio and Sete. Once it had arrived at the port of Lisbon, the ship returned to its port of departure: Southampton, on the English south coast.

The great Sapphire Princess – length: 290 metres, draught: 8.5 metres, weight: 115,857 tonnes – entered service in 2004 and is one of the largest cruise ships in the world. It has recently been renovated and is known as a state-of-the-art ship with over 1,300 cabins, more than 18 decks and a large number of activities, services and leisure options on board.

This mega-ship also visited Ceuta at the end of 2018 with Salama as their agent. At the time it was the largest tourist cruise ship ever to visit, with dimensions that beat the record set by the cruise ship Aurora of similar characteristics.

A leading shipping agency in the Strait of Gibraltar

Large ships arriving in Ceuta, such as the Sapphire Princess and the Koningsdam, reaffirms the prominent role the port of Ceuta and the Strait of Gibraltar hold within the national and international cruise industry. The facilities available offer conditions that are hard to beat, attracting main shipping companies. They are reinforced by improvements made to the port in recent years.

In this context Salama is an important partner for cruise ships and all kinds of vessels that choose the Strait of Gibraltar. Our team takes care of ships during their stay here in the city, whether they come here for a few hours or several days. Our goal is to guarantee the person in charge (captain, shipping company or owner) that both transport and crew will have all they need during the stopover.

Among all the services we provide, the most important are: supply of fuel for ships in Ceuta, handling all kinds of documentation and spare parts, rapid assistance off port limit, provision of supplies, medical service, underwater inspections, etc.

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