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Salama, the first Spanish consignee to obtain certification from FONASBA

Salama once again makes its mark on the national and international scene as  a bunkering agency in Ceuta. Our company recently became the first Spanish consignee to obtain a Quality Certificate from the Federation of National Associations of Ship Brokers and Agents (known as FONASBA). Among other things, this standard stands for financial solvency, professionalism and a tangible commitment to quality, reinforcing our company's position in the top level of the sector. The accreditation offers yet another guarantee to shipowners and operators who are looking for  a well-established and well-managed ship consignment agency in the Strait of Gibraltar.

The prestigious certification legitimises the company's service in the maritime industry, an industry that lacks international regulations that specify who can act as an agency or a ship intermediary. This certificate means that Salama is backed in its activities, functions and responsibilities, strengthening its position as a safe agent that can be entrusted with ships and cargo with complete peace of mind, regardless of size or value.

In general terms, this reputable accreditation is awarded companies that, like Salama, belong to a member association of the federation, can prove their financial capacity in accordance with the laws of the country and are continuously committed to team professionalism and training. For greater control, these entities undergo an audit at least every two years, conducted by the national association or the FONASBA secretariat. The various organisations also undertake to respect the Federation of National Associations of Ship Brokers and Agents’ Code of Conduct.

As for the requirements, companies must provide a copy of their audited accounts, any other evidence of their accounting procedures, or a financial report that includes the required aspects in accordance with quality standards, among others. They must also guarantee maintenance of accounting controls and policies ensuring that funds of directors are handled separately from those of the company itself.

They must also ensure that all their operations are carried out in accordance with the most demanding professional standards (always in line with national regulations), as well as provide adequate insurance cover to be able to deal with compensation risks and possible errors.

As for the human part of operation, they must ensure proper training is provided to the entire team and encourage staff to take relevant tests based on recognised educational programs.

As Salama has fulfilled all these criteria, current and future customers of the company can rest assured that their business is in the hands of a well-known, well-managed and well-organised entity, no matter what kind of service they need. Among the most common services are:

  • Bunkering or fuel supply in Ceuta, with all guarantees

  • Change of crew and technicians without standstills

  • Off Port Limits without delays

  • Supplies for vessels of all kinds

  • Complete documentation services

  • Immediate Technical repairs

  • Medical assistance delivered by reputable specialists

José Salama y CIA S.L CIF: B29901303 Avd. Juan Carlos I Rey 12, 1ºD Melilla, España. Inscrita en el Registro Mercantil de Melilla. Tomo 19, sección 2,ª Folio 95, Hoja 348