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Ship crew changes in Ceuta: speed and efficiency at our clients' service

Ship crew changes are one of the many specialised services that Salama offers as aconsignee agency in Ceuta. It takes detailed supervision to guarantee that a crew change is carried out quickly and efficiently, without the operation interfering with the ship's itinerary. Regardless of whether the crew change takes place in a port or offshore, our team will work against the clock to provide all the service needed, avoid any setbacks and make the personnel involved feel comfortable at all times. 

In other words, we make sure there is no margin of error, and cover all the vessel's needs and expectations, whether they are related to crew changes, provisioning, spare parts or  fuel supply in the Strait of Gibraltar, among other things.

Crew changes in the port of Ceuta

When a crew change takes place, it basically involves actions to replace one crew member from a vessel with another, and these actions can be carried out on the high seas or in the port itself. The operation must be previously authorised by the captain of the ship, who contracts the services of a consignee agent in Ceuta that will be responsible for the process. 

Once Salama receives the order from the person in charge of the ship, we immediately start preparing for the process, making sure that we are ready to act as quickly as possible. The process itself consists of the following steps, among others:

  • Ensuring the necessary documentation is in place in less than 48 hours (for example visas for the crew members who disembark)

  • Coordinating embarkation and disembarkation of incoming and disembarking crew members

  • Arranging transport by ferry between Ceuta and Algeciras

  • Arranging transfer and collection of crew members at the airport in Málaga (the nearest one)

  • Arranging accommodation for the ship's crew before they return to their place of origin, when timetables and schedules make this necessary

  • Drafting and issuance of invitation letters for embassies for ship crew members who do not belong to the Schengen area

Salama has a wide range of accommodation offers, assistants and drivers available, guaranteeing speed and comfortable transfers as well as effective handing of all the various operations involved.

Off-port limit crew changes

Apart from managing crew changes in the Port of Ceuta, Salama offers this type of service to ships that need it off-port limit. Duringoff-port limit stopovers, with the ship anchored in territorial waters, not in the port, our staff will carry out this special manoeuvre with speed and agility. Once the captain of the ship has given authorisation, the team will put a boat at your disposal for quick crew embarkation and disembarkation.

Our shipping agency in the Strait of Gibraltar can provide all the services needed by any kind of vessel and its crew. Among the services we offer are our bunkering service in Ceuta, delivery of spare parts and documentation, medical assistance, providing supplies for the ship, nautical publications, underwater inspections, repair of radios and radar equipment, etc.

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