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Welcome to our new website, a direct line of communication designed to enhance business relationships by providing a clear and transparent overview of our work.

Our entire company staff are excited about taking up this new challenge, aware that new technologies are the key to continuing to offer the very highest quality and effectiveness in our services.


What kind of provisions does Salama offer?

The list of services offered by our consignee agency in the Strait of Gibraltar is characterised not only by the wide range of options available, but also our ability to provide these services with professionalism, quality and swiftness. We have more than 160 years of experience and provide a well-equipped network that can meet the needs of all types of vessels (cruise ships, ferries, fishing boats...). This means that we are able to offer the products, prices and time frames that best suit your needs. Our goal is clear: facilitate visits for all vessels who choose Ceuta as their stopover point.

Salama specialises in supplying ships in the Strait of Gibraltar, regardless of how long the stop is. Apart from loading and unloading operations, one of the most sought-after services we offer is refuelling of ships in Ceuta. Our team of professionals will ensure that all necessary supplies reach the ship, whether they are general supplies, provisions, or of a technical character.

As ship suppliers in Ceuta, we will help you with any service request you might have, such as:

  • First-class food items: meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, dairy products, beverages, perishable produce, frozen, chilled or dried produce... We can also provide kitchen utensils and other necessary items to guarantee all kinds of food on longer trips.

  • Material and technical assistance: professional help, technical tools, spare parts for machinery, repairs...

  • Information: maritime publications, updatednautical charts...

Apart from carrying out logistics related to provisioning, we also offer other services that are especially useful for vessels, such as fuel delivery in the Strait of Gibraltar, crew changes, preparation of necessary documents, transport and crane service, medical assistance and off-port-limit calls.

Further services we can provide are delivery of cash to the captain (in different currencies), repair of radars and radios on ships, certification of the state of the ship through underwater inspections and rewinding of electric motors.

Why contract Salama for the supply of products and services?

Our company is the oldest ship consignee in Ceuta, with a history that dates back to the end of the 19th century. Since then, Salama has efficiently and satisfactorily met all the various demands of any kind of vessel in the area, becoming a leading company in the sector. We count on specialised teams in all the various sectors to be able to do this (consignment, finance, customs, stowage, provisioning) and this is also how we can guarantee that operators and shipowners get personalised treatment and immediate response.

Salama continues to evolve and has recently becomethe first Spanish consignee to obtain accreditation from Fonasba. On the one hand this certifies the professionalism of the team, and on the other it guarantees the highest level of satisfaction with the services, responsibilities and functions we provide. This recognition is without a doubt a strong endorsement of our activities as a ship supplier in Ceuta and in the Strait of Gibraltar.

José Salama y CIA S.L CIF: B29901303 Avd. Juan Carlos I Rey 12, 1ºD Melilla, España. Inscrita en el Registro Mercantil de Melilla. Tomo 19, sección 2,ª Folio 95, Hoja 348