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New horizons met in the primary meeting on bunkering in the Mediterranean

The seventh edition of the Mediterranean Bunker Fuel Conference brought a large group of professionals from the sector to the Greek capital at the end of November, where they analysed the new situations faced by the industry. Among the various challenges, special emphasis was placed on the enforcement of the IMO 2020, which will mean setting a global limit of 0.5% for sulphur in marine fuels, starting on the 1st of January 2020. Other topics such as the general state of the shipping industry and the need to develop focal points for the exchange of knowledge between the main protagonists were also addressed.

This long-awaited event, a referent for the sector in the Mediterranean, was introduced by Jack Jordan (S&P Global Platts) and lasted two intense days. Structured into blocks of lectures and round tables, it attracted the attention of more than 200 delegates from numerous companies and countries linked to the industry. The main topics addressed on the first day revolved around bunkering expectations for the future, the consequences of the implementation of the 2020 limit, the new rules of the game and new fuels. Other topics were the evolution of the market and the price of oil, the challenges and opportunities of maritime credit, the perspectives of the engine marker, the blockchain applications for industry and preparing the supply chain when facing this new scenario.

The second day of these professional meetings focused on other aspects such as the development of a consensual vision for 2020 onwards, the transition to 0% emissions, the challenges of volatile bunker prices and the future of alternative fuels.

The sulphur content limit in 2020

The International Maritime Organisation (IMO) set the new limit of 0.5 sulphur in the fuel oil used on ships (including the one used in main engines, auxiliary engines and boilers) starting on the 1st of January 2020. The goal of this measure is to achieve environmental and health benefits around the world, with a particular focus on populations near ports and coasts. At present, the global limit for sulphur content in ship fuel oils is 3.50% by mass/mass.

Salama, a world bunkering agency in the Strait of Gibraltar, follows all the novelties regarding the sector, as well as the new requirements related to the industry, in order to continue offering top quality services. Check our fuel supply service in the Strait with no obligation.

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